Tutorials will be held Sunday, July 14.

Conference Tutorial Instructor Affiliation Topic
EMF Beatriz Noheda University of Groningen, The Netherlands Hafnia ferroelectrics
  Jiri Hlinka Inst. of Physics – Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic Domains, domain walls, domain engineering, and polar regions
ICE Tor Grande NTNU, Norway Defects in Oxides
  Derek Sinclair University of Sheffield, United Kingdom Dielectric Spectroscopy
ISAF Pim Groen TU Delft, The Netherlands The road towards flexible and smart electronic materials
  Andrew Bell University of Leeds, United Kingdom Advanced processing of ceramic (including MLCC) and crystal
  Mickael Lallart INSA de Lyon, France Piezoelectric and pyroelectric energy harvesting
  Long-Qing Chen Penn State University, USA Phase field method of ferroelectric domain structures
IWPM Matteo Rinaldo Northeastern University, USA Piezoelectric MEMS and NEMS
  Jon Ihlefeld University of Virginia, USA Piezoelectric Thin Film processing
PFM Seungbum Hong KAIST, South Korea Piezo-sensitive atomic force microscopy: Principle, techniques, and results
  Roger Proksch Oxford Instruments PFM in practice