The Joint Conference will be held at the SwissTech Convention Center, located on the EPFL Campus.

SwissTech Convention Center

Quartier Nord EPFL
Route Louis-Favre 2
1024 Ecublens

Lausanne City Map

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Getting to Lausanne

  • From the Geneva airport you will take train to Lausanne.
  • There are 3-4 trains every hour to Lausanne leaving directly from the airport.
  • It takes approximately 40-45 minutes.
  • You must buy tickets before boarding the train.
  • The ticket machines area available at the luggage pickup area (at the exit) and at the train station.
  • You can also buy tickets at the ticket office (at the train station). You can also buy tickets at (this is advisable)
  • The tickets are valid all day, you do not need a specific reservation and you do not buy ticket for a particular train, they are valid for all trains.
  • You may buy 1st or 2nd class tickets. 

When you arrive to Lausanne, take taxi to your Hotel. If your Hotel is at EPFL campus (Swiss Tech hotel or Starling) then you may either take taxi or  Metro from the Lausanne Train station to EPFL (take metro M2 to Flon (1 station) then Metro M1 to EPFL (about 10 stations or 20 minutes). 

Guidance for using Public Transportation to reach EPFL: Important notice

  • We have been informed on short notice that the metro M1 from EPFL to the city center (Flon) – including opposite direction -  is not working during the conference week due to heavy maintenance.  
  • The public transport will replace the metro M1 by a bus called bus M1. It also runs from Flon to EPFL and back. If your hotel is in the city center close to Flon, or if you can reach the Flon conveniently, it is best to use this bus. 
  • If your hotel is close to Lausanne station  (Continental, Alpha Premier, Elite,  Agora, A la gare) there is also an alternative: to take the train to the station of Renens (covered by the same ticket as you get from the hotel), and then to use the metro M1 to EPFL. If you do so, you may save some minutes (see table below). 
  • If your hotel is below Lausanne station, half way to Ouchy (Carlton, Savoy,) you still have the possibility to take the bus 25 from the station Délice, and then to change at Bourdonette Nord to the bus M1. Note the bus goes every 10 minutes, while the metro M2 from the same place leaves every 5 to 6 minutes to the station and Flon. 
  • If your hotel is at Ouchy (Angleterre, Au port, Aulac, château d’Ouchy, Mövenpick) it is best to walk to the metro station Ouchy and take M2 for the Flon, and the bus M1. 
  • The Youth Hostel is best served by bus 25.  
  • It is very practical to have the application “Mobile CFF” on your mobile phone. It is a time table for the complete Swiss Public Transport System, and gives you the best or fastest connection between 2 stations or stops.

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